Basic behaviours:

Name & attention, sit, down, stand

Wait, come

Loose-leash walking, leave it

Walk away

Trade (for prevention of resource-guarding)

Polite greetings (not jumping on visitors)

Optional behaviours:

Touch, find it, spin & twirl

Refresher course:

  • Private coaching - 3 sessions

Basic course:

  • Private coaching - 6 sessions

  • Train with Friends - 6 sessions

Other options: (customised training plan)

  • Day Training (by trainer)

  • Day School (by trainer)

  • Board + Train


Does your dog:

  • Seem shy or fearful around new people and things or on walks?

  • Pull on the leash?

  • Jump on visitors or family members?

  • Bark incessantly at the door?

  • Bark or lunge on leash?

  • Show aggressive behaviours towards other dogs or people?

  • Growl or snap when approached in possession of toys or food?

  • Sensitive to being handled or touched?

  • etc

  • Initial consultation (in-person) session - 2 to 3 hours

    • Detailed history and behaviour evaluation ​

  • Behaviour modification package (with a structured training plan)

    • 4 sessions​

    • 6 sessions

    • Includes free inter-session support on whatsapp


  • Non-aggression cases

  • Aggression cases


Book the trainer to conduct workshops or talks on specific topics on dog training or behaviours.

Customised syllabus based on the group's skill level and training needs.

Venue to be provided by the client

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